An idyllic bay, between the infinite green palm trees and the soft white dunes.

The beautiful Flecheiras Beach, located in Trairí municipality on the west coast of Ceará, is one of the most recommended destinations for those seeking paradise scenarios, with lots of sun, tranquility and excellent structure.
The name “Flecheiras” is originated from the Indians who inhabited the region and who were fishing in the clear and calm waters with bow and arrow (flecha).
At a distance of 148km from Fortaleza and with temperatures between 26 and 31 degrees, Flecheiras has a balanced climate and from July to December hardly ever rains.

The beach is situated in a bay between the infinite green palm trees and the soft white dunes.
The endless beaches allow the visitors long and relaxing strolls. At low tide the sea shows an unbelievable scenery of natural pools where all sorts of sea life can be admired.
Throughout the year, Flecheiras is excellent for practicing Kitesurfing and Windsurfing with a strong wind blowing around 20-28 knots.

With its natural pools, Flecheiras is also the perfect beach for snorkeling and spear fishing lovers.

By day, Flecheiras has restaurants by the seashore serving dishes such as fried fish, stingray stew and other delights from the region. By night, the small town is quiet and offers excellent choices of restaurants and eateries.

Artisanal fishing, collecting seaweed and tourism are the main economic activities from the population living by the sea.

Flecheiras is also the place to find bobbin lace, one of the characteristic handicrafts of Ceará.

The sports and leisure facilities are among other Wind- and Kitesurfing in the ocean or in the waves, Kitesurfing lessons, buggy and ATV rides, trips in Mundaú river and raft trips along the coast.
Flecheiras is very popular for festivities throughout the year such as Carnival, Easter, São João in June and most important, New Years Eve, a three days party, do not be missed.


Gabriela M.


Very nice hostel, peaceful all day and night. Easy access to beach, hammock in the balcony with sea view, to rest is a place that I recommend. It is a bit far from the "center", but I found an option that is most recommended for those who want quiet.

Lidiani M

Brasilia, DF

Very clean and cozy. What is most striking is the silence. Even with all the occupied rooms, the inn was silent, starting with the owners and staff. A special hug to Mr Mario and Veruska that from start showed their kindness and professionalism in what they do. Recommend to anyone who does not like hype. It is quiet!

Patricia cabral


This inn is new, has a very good structure for both couples and groups of friends. The pool is small but has a very nice deck around. Is situated near the beach. The service is excellent. The rooms are spacious and well appointed. You have the option of arming the hammock on the porch to feel the sea breeze.

Deep blue sea, waves and a lot of wind

365 days in the year
Kite & Wind Surfing
Average Temperature
3°13'19"S  39°15'50"W
18 to 30 knots
Daily Winds

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